Daniel & Bella Greenwolf

Celtic Magic – Comedy – Possible Hot Doomity Death! Making their Rhode Island debut at RIRF, Daniel & Bella Greenwolf have performed at Renaissance Faires, festivals, and theatres all over the USA. See them perform astounding feats, laugh in the face of fiery doom, and infuse Magic with a healthy dose of sassy!

Drunk & Disorderly

Gather round to hear as raucous Celtic folk band Drunk and Disorderly regales you with songs of drinking, roving, fighting, and things to keep secret from your mother. Sing along with the music and have another beer. You will laugh, cry, blush and wonder where you left the whiskey!

The Graces

The Graces are a high-energy musical comedy act, featuring sexy wenches armed with beautiful harmonies, sharp wit, and heavy innuendo.

“Can you be a fallen woman if you have intentionally flung yourself down into a pit of iniquity?” We don’t know how best to refer to them because “ladies” is an outright lie, and “women” though technically accurate doesn’t quite reflect their true nature. Let’s call them…a Doxy, a Trollop, and a Wanton, all wantin’ to entertain the pants off of you at the Rhode Island Renaissance Faire!

We encourage you to go see their show and tip them heavily so that we can move them somewhere out of town. So get your shots and go enjoy The Graces! 30,000 sailors can’t be wrong!

Granny Grue

Granny Grue is a Vegetarian Zombie (graaains) who performs original comedic stories and songs for all ages.

Not occult or scary, but with a definite ewwww factor. She travels with Rosco the Whatsis on her shoulder, who exchanges head scritches for dragon tears to ward off bad dreams, and of course, a Dragon in a Dragon Wagon, too.

CDs and Picture Books and Grue Crew Membership Pins are available, along with Insurance Policies to protect against Zombie Apocalypses and Monsters in the Closet and Under the Bed.

The Harper and the Minstrel

The Harper and The Minstrel specialize in beautiful Ayres and Ballads, but are quite adept at Jigs, Reels & Dances. Their vast repertoire includes unique arrangements of Music ranging from Medieval Spain’s 13th Century Cantgas de Santa Maria to the music of Elizabethan era English Lutenist John Dowland to 17th Century Irish Harper Turlough O’Carolan and much more, including Medieval & Renaissance Love songs sung in many languages including Ladino, Galician, French, Italian, Catalan and Gaelic, Secular and Sacred Music, and Their own Enchanting Compositions.


“Come out! Come out!” the Karnevil cries! Leave the safety of your couch! The awe of magic, the wonder of the sideshow, the splendor of the circus beckon to you once again.

Some claim vaudeville is dead, that the talkie and picture box killed the whole darned thing, and for nigh a century the throngs of humanity have been transposed from wild adventure seekers in search of entertainment, to a pair of eyes sitting complacently in the dark.

It calls to you, begs to entertain you in ways that dull screen in your den never can. We offer you the best of that, indulge your imagination and allow it to run wild as feats guaranteed to astound you are performed LIVE before your very eyes. Vaudeville lives…

Krystal Younglove: The Indestructible Lady

Krystal Younglove, and her seemingly psychic Witch Doctor Christopher Strange, present whimsical side show performances to strike to your very core. Fantastical fire manipulation. A body trained for the bed of nails. A Game of chance, where everyone wins. Strait Jackets?

Together, they will have you gasping in amazement, covering your eyes, and laughing out loud – all in the same show!



Come and see the tallest folks, The Longshanks, and hear the tallest tales in the land!

This stilt-walking duo will lighten your heart and bring your spirits to new heights.

They stand tall for your entertainment!

Misfits of Avalon

The Misfits of Avalon have been delighting lovers of Celtic music all over New England for the past ten years.

The group features Brian Weiland on the ancient and enchanting hammered dulcimer and mandolin, and fingerstyle wizard Max Cohen on guitar and vocals.

The Morrigan

The name Morrigan means “Phantom Queen” or “Great Queen” and describes a Goddess from old Ireland that was associated with war, destiny, fate, and death. The Irish goddess will often appear in crow or raven form and challenges, tests, and encourages us to take action in our lives; to become stronger; to create change; to release what no longer benefits us; to fight for what we believe in and stand up for ourselves; to point out the truth; to change our fate or accept it; and to use our own power as Goddesses.

Myschyffe Managed

Myschyffe Managed is a New Hampshire-based a cappella group specializing in medieval and Renaissance madrigals.

This motley crew was formed in 2006 by Lord and Lady Fafnir. They gathered together a small herd of “Ren Rats” with a tenuous grasp on reality who also love to sing. They began performing at Renaissance Faires throughout New England and quickly established themselves as one of the few independent groups performing authentic period music of the medieval and renaissance eras. Our group members feel that a bit of authentic period music adds to the overall ambiance of the various renaissance faires gracing our locale, and our audiences seem to agree. Throughout the years, the group has expanded our musical repertoire and our performance venues beyond the Renaissance Faires.

The Penniless Jacks

The Penniless Jacks are charismatic purveyors of pub music. Whether it be centuries-old shanties, boisterous drinking songs, rousing rebel tunes, or ballads of love, The Penniless Jacks will have you singing, clapping, and stamping along to their unique sound and energy.

Available for any event that needs some good music, whether it be a formal, pirate or steampunk themed, or just an every day jam session, we can fit in with most any venue style.The cast of this motley crew is comprised of a small group of veteran performers who are also long time friends. Each member has been a part of other various music and performance groups throughout New England and excel, not only with music and stage performance, but also as characters when off stage, with the art of improvisational acting.

Phoenix Swords

Swords, puppets and fire – but not all at once! Phoenix Swords is a performance troupe, based in Massachusetts and founded in September of 2002, that has traveled as far north as Canada and as far south as Florida. Their main focus, sword work, has strong roots in medieval sword manuals and western martial arts study. Not only have members presented at Symposia with the Renaissance Center of the University of Massachusetts, but they are just as ready to do comedy stage sword for all ages! This historical show has weapons demonstrations from the 1300s to 1600s, daggers up to polearms.

The Primrose Pirates

The Primrose Pirates

The Primrose Pirates bring the age of piracy to life with their educational show about life on board a pirate ship, the weapons used during that period of time, and much more! Prepare for swashbuckling fun like no other as you learn about how pirates loaded their cannons, and maybe you’ll even get to watch it go off!

Be sure to stop by and chat with the crew after for even more fun and learning, and for the younger audience members (and those young at heart) try your hand at Pummel a Pirate, where you can sword fight one of the Primrose crew!

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Magic is afoot in the forest of The Rhode Island Renaissance Faire! Queen Bee, Queen of all the seasonal fairies will be making a one time appearance to meet & greet her family of fairy friends! Come join her as she walks the lanes, sharing wishes and fairytales.

Rufus the Mud Beggar

Rufus the Mud Beggar

A local entrepreneur and musician, our Rufus the Mud Beggar will charm you with his wit, talent, and antics…or he’ll leave you speechless and confused. Either way, you are sure to love him.

The Saucy Sailor

The Saucy Sailor

The Saucy Sailor can be found roaming the streets with his trusty guitar Midnight entertaining her Majesties subjects for her birthday. Always quick with a joke, poems, and a song he is sure to keep you entertained!

Shank Painters

The Shank Painters are a pirate-themed folk music trio based in Portland, Maine. The band’s repertoire consists of Shanties – a variety of mostly nautical classic folk songs with catchy sing-along refrains, beloved by children and rowdy drunks alike. These works are treasures of history, preserving the travails and spirit from centuries of seafaring culture. Bringing together accordion, voices, percussion, and guitar, the Shank Painters bring the past alive with their mixture of playful, rollicking, heartbreaking, and hilarious songs.

Vancier Magibleu’s Conundrum

Vancier Magibleu, Magus Extraordinaire has journeyed to the various realms and have amassed a great collection of wonderful artifacts and powerful items. A collection so great that people are always trying to steal his stuff from him. Fortunately, every festival he visits there are always young apprentices willing to help Vancier and his friends retrieve those items before something terrible happens!